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You have been chosen for the important task of editing videos at the Darmanian Television Station, a job that comes with a certain… moral flexibility. The country of Darmania is trying its hardest to present itself as a fully democratic utopia, instead of the bleak and dictatorial backwaters it truly is. At your disposal is a large red button, and you must use it as best you can to censor out anything that could break this illusion. But with more outside influences starting to get wind of the situation in Darmania and its approaching election, you will have a lot of work to do…

 So, employee, can you cover it all up?

 Bleeper is a satire game about censorship, freedom of speech, and one big, red button. You play as a citizen of Darmania, a fictional country ruled by a power-hungry dictator where the truth is relative, the facts alternate, and information can change everything. As an employee at the country’s only TV-station, the future of Darmania is in your hand. Or not.

 It is only you, a red button and a bunch of "lies".

Currently in development by Lamp Ant Games.

See attached pdf for additional info about how to play the demo!

Send feedback to: info@lampantgames.se

visit us at: www.lampantgames.se

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file, executable in unzipped folder.

Thats about it!


Bleeper Demo.zip 223 MB
Bleeper_Demo_Info.pdf 439 kB


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Made a video


Hi, the video was very entertaining. Good to see you got the hang of the one button controls and what was going on during the demo (mostly). If you are interested in knowing more about the world from "Bleeper", I suggest you visit www.lampantgames.se/games where you will find links to our wiki, trailers, a song from the soundtrack and much more.

Stuck on the first menu, I can't pick new game: I can only hit the space bar and switch between new game and exit.

Hi, hold down Spacebar for about 3 seconds to choose the selected option in the menu. You will hear a sound while holding the key.

If you run into any other problems,  post again or read the pdf which contains most of the information needed to play. 

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